Re: I'm failing to see how this is clever or funny.

Author:Casual Observer
Date:2019-04-14 22:49:33
In Reply To:Re: I'm failing to see how this is clever or funny. by Troll's Hole
OMG! Just the one?
I never said it was my first one, Captain Duh.
You didn't have to. It was obvious. Did I announce the purchasing of my second one here? No. Not news. You're a mechanical keyboard newbie and there's no denying it. I note also in your fury you failed refute my assertion that you didn't buy one with blank keys. Just as I suspected. Total noob.
My LG G3 was not my first phone either.
I didn't say it was. I said it was an obsolete waste of money and it was. LG make cheap bootlooping shit for peasants who live in backward places like eastern europe and the middle east. You were boasting about it like you'd just bought the most expensive item from the Apple store when in reality you'd done the mobile phone equivalent of finding a shoe. Hey, look at me! Now when I go to the well in the morning to collect water for the pigs only one of my feet hurts.
Furthermore, I've had TWO for more than FIVE years.
You say 5 years like it's a long time. What are you 12? You have, in all seriousness, been typing on membrane keyboards all your life prior to year 2014?
No. I said I've had TWO for MORE than FIVE years. That means I've had ONE for some time longer than I've had TWO. If you were to find a second shoe, and thus now have a pair, would I accuse you of walking around barefoot the whole time prior to that fortuitous event? No. Because you had ONE shoe before you had TWO shoes and were therefore not entirely shoeless. I'm sorry but I can't break it down any simpler than that for you.
So the post you wrote that triggered Kyle to reply "I'm failing to see how this is clever or funny" in 2012, was crafted with a membrane keyboard? What the fuck? That was almost yesterday.
No. It was crafted with ten-keyless goodness that had more postage on it than your LG G3 is worth. My postman still has a sore shoulder from carrying to my front door, such was the weight of the enclosed mechanics.
I've spent more than $400 on mechanical keyboards
So $200 for each keyboard. That's cheap garbage.
Now that my keyboards have been seasoned with my bodily secretions, they're worth even more than when I bought them. Where was Troll Financial with that tip?
I've hated Opeth since 1998. Their first 3 albums sucked ass just like the rest of them do.
Liar. I'm not fooled by your faux-retro Opeth hate. You loved them once like you love Tobiass Forgery's Alice-Cooper-meets-ABBA ripoff commercial pop band.
Anyway I have some other tech that I will soon share with you which will make you shit your pants in rage. Start cleaning those keyboards in preparation, because you're in for a looooong rage type.
That's big talk for someone who just bought a proper keyboard. You'll forgive me if I don't slip into my brown trousers just yet.

nvandyk proclaimed:
Fuck off already. You really are an immense prick, you know that? Have been for years.
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