I'm failing to see how this is clever or funny.

Author:Troll's Hole
Date:2019-04-13 07:29:04
In Reply To:I believe the quote was "This isn't clever or funny" n/p by TW

It triggered a chain of events involving a raging Harvestboy that made me retire for 2 hours. This was a very dark time in my life where I measure the value of my worth based on how much genuine rage I generated on this board. Needless to say, I nearly committed suicide.

Today I measure it instead based on how much Casual Observer hates my ultra modern, expensive gadgets. So my self esteem is through the roof these days and I can truly call myself an alpha.

Speaking of which, I just purchased $300 mechanical keyboard. It's very clicky and great. I bet Casual types with a cheap membrane keyboard, hahahaha what a homo.

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