Re: Whenever a poster is part of a regressive group, such as yours, I place them all in the same sand box.

Date:2019-04-12 18:52:08
In Reply To:Re: Whenever a poster is part of a regressive group, such as yours, I place them all in the same sand box. by Nosferatwo
Nosferatwo proclaimed:
"Yeah, it only took us most of a century to say priests shouldn't molest kids. Give us credit!"
Two teacher's unions in Rhode Island opposed a bill that would criminalize sex between students and teachers.

Nosferatwo proclaimed:
So if Christians were able to be Christians before the Bible, why should anyone pay attention to the book? Sounds to me like someone was trying to force everyone to agree with their narrow version of faith.
Opinions varied. Lots of people wrote different stuff. A need for an official canon was required because we knew the printing press was going to get invented in a thousand years. And God would eventually need a table of contents that listed which books to translate into the King's good English and poop into the hands of King James which of course is the first "real" Bible. What never made sense to me is that if the Catholics were wrong about everything then why didn't the heretical Protestants redo the whole table of contents and pick and choose whatever writings they liked. That Apocalypse of Peter in the Muratorian fragment would sure go a long way in Biblically resolving many of the modern debates. Imagine these two sections in the hands of an LDooche:

25. And near that place I saw another strait place into which the gore and the filth of those who were being punished ran down and became there as it were a lake: and there sat women having the gore up to their necks, and over against them sat many children who were born to them out of due time, crying; and there came forth from them sparks of fire and smote the women in the eyes: and these were the accursed who conceived and caused abortion.

31. And other men and women were being hurled down from a great cliff and reached the bottom, and again were driven by those who were set over them to climb up upon the cliff, and thence were hurled down again, and had no rest from this punishment: and these were they who defiled their bodies acting as women; and the women who were with them were those who lay with one another as a man with a woman.

Gays and abortionists all in great and delicious torment! That's some good shit there. Toss in a few chugging riffs and some bellowing vocals and you've got the makings of some awesome power metal.
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