Re: Huh?

Date:2019-04-12 16:21:08
In Reply To:Re: Huh? by Russ
Russ proclaimed:
Far too many in the pro-life movement only care about the fetus, while happily stripping children and their mothers of healthcare, food, and ultimately hope.
Fair criticism. But it's hard for the children to get to the point where they're capable of feeling hope if they've already been murdered in the womb. Nothing strips away hope like death.

Russ proclaimed:
The same group who opposes free lunches in schools
The DeWine budget has an increased appropriation for the federal school lunch program in response to increasing demands. The amount would go from $406 million this year, to $419 million and $431 million the next two years. That measure has broad bi-partisan support in the state legislature as well as the OEA.

Russ proclaimed:
want to punish the poor
You want to exterminate them. That's the goal of the major programs in effect throughout the world for eliminating poverty. That's what the Gates Foundation is about. Eliminate poverty by eliminating their offspring who are probably going to be just as poor.

Russ proclaimed:
But totalitarianism has a long rich history of embracing such abuses, such oppressions.
Exactly. The Obama administration maliciously instituted a rule that would exact massive daily fines on nuns who help the elderly if they didn't pay for birth control. And now that the Supreme Court blocked that oppression, Democrat-run governments in many states are trying to do an end around the SCOTUS ruling and have started their own series of abuses against the order. Undaunted that the order is slowly disappearing due to age and drops in membership, Democrats are actively working to drive the organization out of existence and replace them with for-profit providers. That's heinously evil.
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