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Date:2019-04-12 15:06:42
In Reply To:Re: Huh? by BumZen
Yeah. I don't know anything about you and I did selectively extract snippets to create a strawman to attack. But you'd done the same to me. I thought the demonstration would make that clearer.

You could assume that I'm a crazed gun nut because I oppose gun control policy, but I'm not. Still I get it. That's where we're at on discourse these days.

Planned Parenthood can't shake its origins in the eugenics movement. It's a historical fact. They can distance themselves as much as they want, but the marketing makes it clear that only the rhetoric has changed. You don't find a lot of their clinics in the suburbs. Or their billboards. They know their target market. According the New York City Bureau of Vital Statistics, 49% of pregnancies of black women ended in abortion. According to the CDC, 35% of abortions in the US are done for black women. Blacks are 13% of the population. We can find a similar disparity in the incarceration rates of black men and conclude rationally that those numbers are evidence of systematic racism. In my county, a white male (eg. my nephew) can sell crack to a 12 year old kid on school property right in front of the police and get off with a 3 month slap on the wrist by showing a picture of a black man as the "wrong crowd he fell into." So it's there. Even among decent folks who wouldn't consider themselves racist merely because they don't burn crosses and wear bedsheets. Why can't liberals reach the same conclusion regarding abortion? I have no idea. It's the same problem driven by the same reason. The abortion industrial complex in the USA exists to exterminate black people the same as the prison industrial complex exists to lock black people into cages. Sorry if that offends sensitive people, but it's the truth.

I'm sure it's different in Denmark. You're more white there and your country doesn't have a 500 year history of racial and ethnic oppression. Your reasons are probably the same factors for abortions in mostly white middle class suburban people. People who don't want the inconvenience of an unplanned child when they had a different plan for that period of their life and they're too selfish to give it up.

People cry because they know that they are killing their child. You'd think it wouldn't be necessary in a social welfare utopia of sorts.

You seem to sentence every non aborted child to a lifetime of abuse and neglect as if that's the only possible outcome. I get that people can't care for their children. I'm one of 11. We were poor and the social workers came to our house twice a year and got chased off. My parents couldn't afford all of us, so we didn't go to doctors or wear fancy clothes and some weeks the only meal we got was the free one at school. We were more like the Appalachian white trash rabble who had escaped that giant ghetto. We lived with them folks in the same downtrodden areas so we weren't fully assimilated with the decent people and whatnot. So I lived it and like many others who did, I can't fathom killing my own child. The very idea of abortion was unthinkable. You had an unplanned kid in your teenaged years then you got married and lived poor the rest of your life like the last five or six layers of your family tree. Got by the best you could. Tried to catch a few breaks. Like most of Africa who don't have a word for abortion prior to the ideological colonization of the last century, I never heard it debated. We talked about matter of factly in health and biology class. I was abhorred by it even when I neither had nor practiced any religion. There was no brainwashing or propaganda. It was like it simply didn't exist, though I'm sure that some aspirational white folks shuttled off their girls to the city from time to time. The first time I heard it talked about in church was in 1995 during the attempts to pass the partial birth abortion ban.

I don't go to rallies or marches. Ever. I might write a token check or two every year to a pro-life women's center, but I'm not actively involved in the movement outside my prayer life. I haven't gone to the movie yet. I do help poor people though. Directly. So we're not all crazed and indifferent idealogues.

But I do know the truth that abortion is the deliberate killing of a living human being and that Planned Parenthood actively targets black people for it. I'm not going to add "nuances" or whatever to my opinion because it's unpopular.
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