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Date:2019-04-12 12:36:57
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I'm not a perfect person. The abortion certainly doesn't speak in my favor, but I would make the same decision today, and I have a wonderfil kid now. With the woman I've loved and cherished for 14 years.
getting pregnant
Yup. She just went and got herself pregnant. Had nothing to do with you.
It was most likely mine. It was conceived under circumstances that were deceitful.

Yeah. She's fucking nuts. I'm sure that you pressuring her into having the abortion hasn't improved the stability either.
She's fine now. I stayed in touch with her afterwards, and still talk to her very sporadically to this day. I held her hand through the whole thing. The talks were mostly about why she wanted a baby. It was her body, so it was her decision. Her mom also did factor in here.
I get what you are. You're a sexist pig who despises and uses women, but portray yourself as a great champion of women's rights because you want to keep abortion as a choice for them. You're full of crap. You don't want abortion for them. You want it for you. As a last minute post hoc fallback insurance against the dangers of crazy ass man trappers who might saddle you with financial and time obligations for a kid you don't want.
I get that you're heated. You wrote all of the above just to piss me off. You became personal. You became overly and personally insulting. You tried to make me seem like an asshole by using hyperboles and twisting a personal tragedy and hard time in my life. Yeah... congratulations Joe. You've proven me wrong: you're a compassionate person.

Now... what's your stance on my actual point? Or did you just want to attack me because I said you lacked compassion? I based that assumption on the policy you preach, which is a rational way to deduct a person's traits.
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