Re: Huh?

Date:2019-04-12 11:52:09
Edited:2019-04-12 11:55:48
In Reply To:Re: Huh? by BumZen
BumZen proclaimed:
You lack the compassion
You don't know much about me, but you've issued forth a laundry list of my sins. Let me do the same for you.

BumZen proclaimed:
getting pregnant
Yup. She just went and got herself pregnant. Had nothing to do with you. Wasn't your concern. Wasn't your responsibility. After all, what was she to you? Nothing. A live in fuck toy that you could use for your own pleasure as you wished and then throw away when you were done.

She wanted a permanent relationship. A marriage. A family. Normal stuff that has been embedded into women's DNA by thousands of years of evolution.

Not you. You are a man. What has been encoded into your DNA is to father as many children by as many women as possible. You have a biological urge to fuck all women. It's primal. And you can't control it. You don't even try. Self mastery is a silly concept invented by impotent men to rationalize their own lack of virility. You just want to fuck. Without cost, commitment, or consequence. Women are nothing but objects that exist for your pleasure.

And what happens to the women when this natural conflict in biological tendencies arises?

BumZen proclaimed:
BumZen proclaimed:
mentally unstable
She becomes crazy! Just like that. Out of the blue with no previous symptoms. She just loses her mind. Every man's last bastion of defense against the wiles of women who are trying to trap them. To keep them.

BumZen proclaimed:
a great way to get us back together
BumZen proclaimed:
as a means of keeping me
Yeah. She's fucking nuts. I'm sure that you pressuring her into having the abortion hasn't improved the stability either.

You didn't want kids. You just wanted a thing to fuck. She was suitable enough until she wanted more than just that.

I get the world that you and those like you have created. The world exists for sex. It's the currency by which men surrender their wealth and power. Women are now expected to spread their legs on demand for men in order to obtain what previous generations enshrined in the permanence of marriage. The social compact has been destroyed. And the whores of the world reinforce this belief. The checkout registers at stores are filled with propaganda from sluts telling women that the only way to have true freedom is to surrender their virtue and chastity. A woman who chooses to keep herself unfuckable until marriage makes herself undateable. A married woman who is exhausted from a full time job and taking care of kids and dealing with all the stresses of life and is too tired to fuck like a wild teenage whore quickly finds herself divorcable. A single mother with kids can make herself the wildest slut in the universe and her prospects are still totally dim.

I get what you are. You're a sexist pig who despises and uses women, but portray yourself as a great champion of women's rights because you want to keep abortion as a choice for them. You're full of crap. You don't want abortion for them. You want it for you. As a last minute post hoc fallback insurance against the dangers of crazy ass man trappers who might saddle you with financial and time obligations for a kid you don't want.
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