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Date:2019-04-12 08:16:52
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And my defense of life is pretty consistent. I abhor the death penalty. I'm anti-war, especially American initiated wars against Muslims and Communists. I despise prisons.
You've drawn a line in the sand, which is fine. But your point of view lacks nuance.

Let's be honest. Abortion in the US has nothing to do with women's rights. Abortion is completely and totally about exterminating poor blacks and hispanics and other undesirables. That was the basis for the creation of planned parenthood and it drives where they put their clinics.
You put clinics where there's a need. Not where it fits some politically correct agenda. It's obscene to consider that part of it.
Here, it's done in the hospital, and it's a depressing setting. I didn't see a single "undesirable" (you just mentioned minorities) when I was there. I saw young people frustrated with their situation. Alcoholics who obviously didn't have the ressources available to provide anywhere near a decent life for a kid. I saw a woman all alone. I saw upper middle class people who obviously thought this was a tough decision (because of the neverending stream of tears), and lots of other people. I saw full grown women and teenagers get in and out of operation, and I promise you that none of them had taken the decision lightly.

I sure as hell didn't take it lightly when I as very young kid had long nights discussing with my crazy ex whether to keep the foetus for it to become a child or not.
For reference: We'd broken up, and she thought getting pregnant with me was a great way to get us back together. She was mentally unstable, and barely even consider the kid as a person, but as a means of keeping me. I don't know what kind of life I'd be able to provide for the kid, as I was just one myself.

You lack the compassion to understand that people cannot care for their child. That people get raped. That the child would have the worst of lives. Your stance means you'd prefer a child getting abused and neglected their entire life over being rejected as a foetus. You lack the understanding of human nature where a desperate person will try to get the abortion through illegal channels and your "victory" of pro life would be nothing but political. If you "pro-lifers" really cared, you'd put all that effort in to helping those born in to unfortunate situations instead.
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