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Date:2019-04-12 02:23:44
In Reply To:Re: Huh? by BenMech
BenMech proclaimed:
The latter.
I don't care about the current or future potential religion of any abortion victim, mother or child.

BenMech proclaimed:
We have a longterm archive here at the boards. I don't like to use them against people, but they're there in case someone says something contrary to themselves. I think you've said the opposite of the above on many occasions over the decades.
Go for it. Dig in. Without a doubt, I've suggested the "death penalty" for the Penn State football program. And still do. But that's something with a different meaning.

Not once in my life have I ever advocated or defended the death penalty in a modern world that has made that extreme means of self defense a necessity. It's only justified in a suicidal libertopia or a failed state that is incapable of defending itself via less fatal means.

The last time that I held an indifferent and intellectually dishonest opinion about the nature and causes of American wars was January 15th, 1991 - long before this board existed. Since the start of GW1, I've been vehemently anti-war. I saved my local newspaper from that date. It was a pivotal moment in my life.

I've been anti-prison since 1973 (age 8) after visiting a cousin in prison.

BenMech proclaimed:
Explain "Other Undesirables". Be as specific as you can. As far as the aims of Planned Parenthood at its start, well you're just spitting fiction.
Planned Parenthood was created by Margaret Sanger. She has an extensive collection or writings about the "unfit" that can be found fairly easily in a Google search. Don't be lazy.

I don't know who qualifies as undesirables. Obviously Planned Parenthood has done extensive market research before locating its facilities in poor neighborhoods full of blacks and hispanics. Sanger's writings have a laundry list - morons, feebleminded, high grade imbeciles, idiots, paupers, prostitutes, criminals, tramps, inebriates, degenerates, unemployable, insane and syphilitic, those who lack economic means of providing proper care for those who are born in health, etc.
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