Re: This doesn't make any sense

Date:2019-04-12 01:54:03
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Joe-× proclaimed:
There are plenty of other options for most women:
Don't be a slut
Get birth control. Free at every Planned Parenthood and government-run public health agency. Covered by just about every health plan unless you work for nuns or something.
Plan B. $35 bucks OTC. Or free at every Planned Parenthood and most government run public health agencies
Find a doctor. There's going to be a few who have a peculiar hardness of hearing regarding fetal heartbeats. Word will get out. Doctors did most abortions when they were illegal and will continue to do so.
Find a witch with some bitter herbs. They've been doing them for thousands of years.
Mutilate yourself or let others is just natural selection in action.
LOL... and while we're at it, let's pray the gay away... hurray!

The Rich Elect; The Poor Vote.

“Whenever someone starts quoting the bible, I know they’re full of shit. People only bring out that goddammed thing when they want to justify immoral behavior. It’s the ultimate irony,” the bartender said with a laugh.

Coffee Cup Blues:
Monday has never been my favorite day of the week, but getting murdered before I could finish my first cup of coffee was a new low, even for Monday.
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