This doesn't make any sense

Date:2019-04-12 01:47:25
In Reply To:We sent a ten-pack of wire hangers to Rep. Don Manning by Russ
There are plenty of other options for most women:
  • Don't be a slut
  • Get birth control. Free at every Planned Parenthood and government-run public health agency. Covered by just about every health plan unless you work for nuns or something.
  • Plan B. $35 bucks OTC. Or free at every Planned Parenthood and most government run public health agencies
  • Find a doctor. There's going to be a few who have a peculiar hardness of hearing regarding fetal heartbeats. Word will get out. Doctors did most abortions when they were illegal and will continue to do so.
  • Find a witch with some bitter herbs. They've been doing them for thousands of years.
Mutilate yourself or let others is just natural selection in action.
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