Date:2019-04-12 01:27:57
In Reply To:Would you "defend life" if it was not very specifically "Christian"(np) by BenMech
Do you mean if the concept of "defending life" were Christian or do you mean only defending lives of Christians?

I don't defend life because the victims of the abortion industrial complex are Christian. Many aren't. None of the pre-born victims have yet reached a level of human development when they could have chosen a religion. I favor policies and positive law in defense of life because I'm a Christian but also because I oppose the initiation of force in any circumstance. Especially against the innocent and defenseless.

And my defense of life is pretty consistent. I abhor the death penalty. I'm anti-war, especially American initiated wars against Muslims and Communists. I despise prisons.

Let's be honest. Abortion in the US has nothing to do with women's rights. Abortion is completely and totally about exterminating poor blacks and hispanics and other undesirables. That was the basis for the creation of planned parenthood and it drives where they put their clinics.
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