Re: POPE - TRUMP - JAPAN little boys - Catholic Church

Date:2019-04-10 16:47:22
In Reply To:Re: POPE - TRUMP - JAPAN little boys - Catholic Church by TW
TW proclaimed:
We know the Catholic Church is one of the most corrupt institutions ever in the history of the world.
Not counting all the governments and corporations, but, yeah. It's been corrupted and is in need of a thorough cleansing.

You should get involved. Start with your own experience with the Holy Cross Brothers. Get involved with the alumni association and pressure the school administration to abandon or severely curtail sports. It has a corrupting influence on education and morality. Look at how much a place like Archbishop Hoban (also run by the brothers who probably got guidance from Ed's) lowered its standards in pursuit of a four-peat in high school football.
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