That's great news

Date:2019-04-10 16:35:27
In Reply To:POPE - TRUMP - JAPAN little boys - Catholic Church by Ldooche
The Church has progressed quite a bit from 2002. The changes and standards around reporting and ensuring a safe environment that have been implemented since the charter has made this largely a historical problem for the Church in the United States. Even the damning Pennsylvania report proved as much. More work needs to be done. The US standards should be applied, enforced, and audited globally. The bishops must be held to the same standard regarding their own personal behavior and to a higher standard in terms of reporting on the past. I think that all bishops who were in place during the era of institutional preservation should voluntarily retire. They should have known better. I think that all the archives need to be opened and published. Francis started out poorly as Pope Who-Am-I-To-Judge but he's coming around nicely. He's got to dig out and discard the lavender mafia from top to bottom - all the way to parish priests. Eliminating the homosexual priests is the final step in resolving this crisis, and it's good to see him slowly making moves in that direction. The negative press encourages that along. Granted there are negative ramifications to that as well as demonstrated by that horrific kangaroo court show trial in Australia. The gates of the netherworld shall not prevail against it.
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