POPE - TRUMP - JAPAN little boys - Catholic Church

Date:2019-04-09 21:19:17
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It's unbelievable how widespread this is and what are most worried about? TRUMP.


Most here, it seems, don't care about the effects of same sex marriage on society.

Most here, it seems, don't care about the transgenders issues.

Many here even stated that they would have no problem with their young daughter changing clothes/showering in school at gym with the other sex present on the basis that they say they identify as a female.

Many here stated it is no problem that a grown man (who claims he feels like a woman) can be in a public bathroom with your daughter at the same time.

It's no wonder the same people on this board don't care about the minors being sexually abused by the Catholic Church. And you don't even care that nothing is done about. It's almost overlooked.

You have come to view these matters as a "no big deal".

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