Re: No more propaganda than the atheistic dross spewed forth in the lyrics of Reality Divine

Date:2019-04-03 02:23:18
In Reply To:No more propaganda than the atheistic dross spewed forth in the lyrics of Reality Divine by Matt C.
Matt C. proclaimed:
I have no issue with religion or religious people. However, I find that most Christian Dramas are unwatchable not because of the content but because they have the production values of a made for TV Lifetime movie, and lack any subtlety to their message. I can't listen to overtly satanic metal for the same lack of subtlety.
Fair criticism. Radio and festival-driven Christian contemporary music is largely the same, and it takes some wading thru the drivel to find the handful of gems.

However, also keep in mind that many musical critics make the same assessment of all metal in general - that it's got a naturally inferior quality about it. Of course, I don't share the sentiment, but I get where the critics are coming from.

I haven't seen the movie. I'll probably buy it on DVD or something at some point. All I know is what I've heard directly from the woman from whom the story came. I find her to be sincere. The movie could well be insufferable dreck for all I know, but the story is real. It isn't propaganda, and dismissing it as such is as tragically judgmental as what we Christians typically do to others. She experienced something profoundly life changing, and she only wants to tell her story.

Matt C. proclaimed:
Mainly I posted my reply just to stir the pot.
That's cool. I frequently do likewise, so I've got no place to tell you that you did something wrong.

Matt C. proclaimed:
I own like a hundred version of She Moved Through the Fair and only one of them managed to make itself unlistenable. So we all have our own tastes.
I'm sorry you didn't like it, I'm quite happy with how it came out.
Keep in mind that I'm conditioned by what I expect the song to be. Being a traditional Irish song and havin' a wee bit of fair dinkum about it like I would a tune like The Parting Glass, perhaps metal doesn't quite translate it one hundred percent satisfactorily. Maybe some bagpipes and bodhrans and whistles could have helped me along.
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