Nothing new under the sun

Date:2019-04-02 17:45:26
In Reply To:It earned a strong $6 million in its opening weekend, and played well to its Southern and Midwestern echo chambers. by Russ
Not much difference between the gospel you're preaching here and the kind of hateful invective typically spewed by Christians. It's usually the Protestants who declare all other-isms to be a cult.

Some guy you don't know put out a film that he believes in and all you've got to say is "dishonest shit", "cult", and "crazy."

Not exactly a compelling argument for the elevated spiritual peace with self and others typically served up by the high priests of tolerant atheistic secular humanism. If live and let live were an actually compelling dogma in your life, you'd shrug and say - meh; not my thing, but to each his own. Or, nothing.

Instead, you've got nothing but the same kind of hate - just directed at a different object.

Sorry, not seeing an improvement in belief systems with what you're rolling.

And it's not even clever or amusing like this one:

John Adams proclaimed:
This afternoon, led by Curiosity and good Company I strolled away to Mother Church, or rather Grandmother Church, I mean the Romish Chapel. Heard a good, short, moral Essay upon the Duty of Parents to their Children, founded in justice and Charity, to take care of their Interests temporal and spiritual.

This afternoon’s entertainment was to me most awful and affecting. The poor wretches fingering their beads, chanting Latin, not a word of which they understood, their Pater Nosters and Ave Marias. Their holy water, their crossing themselves perpetually, their bowing to the name of Jesus wherever they hear it, their bowings, and kneelings, and genuflections before the altar. The dress of the priest was rich with lace; his pulpit was velvet and gold. The altar piece was very rich, little images and crucifixes about – wax candles lighted up. But how shall I describe the picture of our Saviour in a frame of marble over the altar, at full length, upon the cross in the agonies, and the blood dropping and streaming from his wounds.

The music consisting of an organ, and a Choir of singers, went all the afternoon, excepting sermon Time, and the Assembly chanted– most sweetly and exquisitely.

Here is everything which can lay hold of the eye, ear, and imagination. Everything which can charm and bewitch the simple and the ignorant. I wonder how Luther ever broke the spell.
Dude skewers everything I believe in, but I've got to admire the style of it.

And the logic. The best we can get from our itinerant Dickinson-aping smokestack scrubber here is the notion that a film directed at and to the echo chambers has a purpose of generating conversions.
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