Re: Blame the company, but...

Date:2019-04-02 12:34:48
In Reply To:Blame the company, but... by coreystinson
coreystinson proclaimed:

...what about the doctors who full well understand the dangers of opioid drugs and continue to prescribe them to people well beyond the addiction window?
They'll be the next group targeted after Purdue Pharma does a couple more settlements and then hides behind bankruptcy.

Many of the doctors will rightfully claim that they were lied to and will escape any consequences.

And the pill mill overprescribers are already mostly shut down. There are a few dumb ones who will ping the analytics from time to time, but the word is out there that the game is over. That's why all the addicts have switched to heroin.

It's not likely that the wealth of the Sacklers will be touched. Only the current revenue stream.
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