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Date:2019-03-31 21:35:41
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In Reply To:Re: I started to write a response to this, but.. by T.J. Swoboda
If not abortion, social acceptance is bound to be wrong about something. As I've said, sadly I see the zeitgeist on its way to turning against private gun ownership in a few years, and if that happens people are going to be telling us to get over it and stop fighting yesterday's battles.
No contest. Which is why it's important to win those battles *now*, before it's irrelevant. Abortion is never going to be illegal throughout the US, though I imagine a SCOTUS reversal of Roe and subsequent restrictions in a few states are possible. Only 15% of the US population thinks abortion should be illegal under all circumstances.

Contrast that with gun ownership, on which 47% of Pew's sample in 2017 believed in protecting gun rights. There's no consensus on that issue, no matter what the establishment media would like you to believe.
However, it takes more than planting seeds and relying on God to do the rest to win hearts and minds. For Joe and pro-lifers to turn the tide in the abortion battle, they're going to need more Martin Sheens, which is to say a noticeable number of people on the left becoming vehemently pro-life.
It's not going to happen. Even those with feelings about abortion aren't typically absolutists on the topic (either pro or con). And regardless of what Joe says, science is not on the side of anti-abortion absolutists. It is on the side of easy availability early on with increasing restrictions after viability, which is the legal status quo and a position most people are okay with, which is why it has survived for 40+ years.

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