Re: 100% true and LOL...I'll expand on it..

Date:2019-03-31 17:15:56
In Reply To:Re: 100% true and LOL...I'll expand on it.. by Nosferatwo
Bottom line is you have a hard on for Chris and get butthurt anytime he says something about himself.
The only time I've been what you would call 'butthurt' was when he lied about me blaming him for my life. Silly me for expecting a man who talks a big game about his manhood to own up to his words.

Sure, he and I don't get along. I don't like the guy. That has nothing to with with his financial situation. It's entirely about our interactions here.
you crying and moaning about him being an "alpha"
I'm not crying, I'm laughing. His aggressive, name-calling, violence-is-the-answer, puffery is hilarious.
You responded to him by dropping an fbomb in anger which makes you just as bad as you are saying he is.
Everytime he says something you feel the need to get butthurt regardless of how much you say you aren’t angry. Deep down you let it bother you because in the end you keep responding and can’t admit your own shortcomings.

You do not like people that won’t put up with your passive aggressive insults which you have been hurling here for a long time now and you don’t like it when there’s forceful pushback to the pile of garbage you spew out.
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