Re: 100% true and LOL...I'll expand on it..

Date:2019-03-31 16:42:36
In Reply To:Re: 100% true and LOL...I'll expand on it.. by Nosferatwo
Then you wouldn't be opening up your mouth when Chris talks about himself.
I'm usually responding to him being a liar, or saying something crudely offensive, like the comment that started this rabbit hole that sounded rather racist to me.
Ok? Great. That doesn't change the fact about anything I just said about you. Now you're deflecting. Bottom line is you have a hard on for Chris and get butthurt anytime he says something about himself. You are about as weak as you are trying to make him out to be because if I search this forum and if in this thread there is evidence of being the pot calling the kettle black, and crying and moaning about him being an "alpha". The weakling is yourself. There is a saying "When you're dead you wont know it, and the same applies if your stupid". This saying applies to you.
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