Re: 100% true and LOL...I'll expand on it..

Date:2019-03-31 14:49:00
In Reply To:Re: 100% true and LOL...I'll expand on it.. by Nosferatwo
Well black males statistically are more likely to not be in their kids' lives so theres that. I see it first hand where I live.
That may indeed be true, but if that's what he was trying to say, I don't know why he would choose to frame it in the most inflammatory terms possible. In the same sentence with 'pigs' and 'atrocities', he throws in 'mixed' as well. That sure gives the impression he's using all of them as insults.
Not insults. Bonified facts. I mean as far as this alpha complex shit you have. I consider myself an alpha. Now I don't go around talking about myself in this manner but trust me I am. I am also an alpha asshole so I will definitely brag about that :P
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