Harvestboy declared that Nos had shit upon the deities and that thread had been deleted from existence by the Illuminati

Date:2019-03-30 15:43:55
Edited:2019-03-30 16:09:17
In Reply To:Von and others are being super mean to Nos for liking the wrong music. Is it fair and justified? Let us discuss. Np by Troll's Hole
That's some epic trolling skills there.

I find it amusing that people take great offense to the personal tastes of others.

When was the last time that Stevie Wonder or LarryD or any moderator deleted one of your posts? It's been years since you've experienced that kind of thrill. Your powers are weak old man.

NB: Since this was posted the thread was restored. Probably just a little more cleanup to do on it.
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