What are the death rates of each?

Date:2019-03-30 15:31:13
In Reply To:How do anti-abortionists reconcile a pro second amendment stance on gun control? by Casual Observer
Assuming an absurdly high number of failed abortion children born alive of 1200 per year, 99.81% of abortions result in the death of a born or unborn child.

Now let's look at an rounded up high estimate of total gun deaths of any type of 40,000 per year. Now look at estimates of gun ownership - 393 million in the USA. .001% of guns result in the death of a born person. Americans purchase about 12 billion bullets per year, which seems crazy low given the degree to which the gun nuts in my family consume and waste bullets. .0003% of bullets result in the death of a born person.

It's about lethality.
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