Re: Looks like the left wing is going to have to elect their way out of this

Date:2019-03-28 19:02:12
Edited:2019-03-28 19:05:45
In Reply To:Re: Looks like the left wing is going to have to elect their way out of this by Russ
Tim Ryan (D Ohio) challenged Pelosi for Minority leader in 2016, yet he didn't even try to run this time.
And what exactly was his pitch? OR the pitch for any of the other people who said they were going to challenge her? No one had a valid criticism of her leadership, because she's damn good at her job. It's not her role to make Republicans like her (they won't like any Democrat), it's to get things done. She's never been humiliated in defeat the way John Boehner and Paul Ryan were.

Ryan's argument was identity politics too. He said a white man was a better image for the party in the days of Trump.

It's both sexist and racist, but that's fine because white men have become punching bags, and collateral damage regardless of their political affiliation.
All that happening is that white men are finally being called to account for their advantages. Beto is now in third place in most of the polling, and he's a Senate loser with few policy ideas who made a sad-sack vlogging trip and says his kids are going to cry while his wife raises them. No woman, or man of color, could have any of that on their resume and be considered a top-flight candidate.

Maybe it's identity politics (which is a dumb term - 'pro life' and 'pro gun' are patronized to in the same way), but calling out the unfair playing field is the only way to ever level it.

White rural men didn't have a seat at the table of the Democratic Party in 2016, and they still don't today.
Of course they did. They had as much voice as their proportion dictated. No one gave them outsize influence, and that's what alienates them. If the part is, let's say 20% rural white men, their voice is not going to dominate. That's just simple math. It doesn't mean they didn't get to make their voice heard.

But like everything, it's always Democrats fault and no one else. Republicans don't give a shit about what women, or minorities, want, but that's apparently just fine, since we all take for granted they're the part of old white men.
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