Re: Looks like the left wing is going to have to elect their way out of this

Date:2019-03-28 18:37:51
Edited:2019-03-28 18:47:40
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squarooticus proclaimed:
Do you really think they were going to try and impeach Trump, especially considering the GOP controls the Senate?
If the accusations were damning enough? Yes. But it would have to move the public before it moved GOP senators.
I suspect it would have to include some kind of Lindsey Graham public meltdown. He might even throw shade.

squarooticus proclaimed:

This image, this perception of the fringe left is why I don't think any Democratic candidate has a chance of winning the nomination if they're shown shooting an AR-15.
I never said a candidate with pictures of themselves with an AR-15 *could* win the Democratic nomination, only that such a thing in combination with no record on abortion and with moderate-left, non-ideological views on other issues would walk away with 60% of the vote. Too bad such a person would never get the nomination in today's Democratic party.
My bad, but you're right. It's crazy. The troubling pro-life movement and burgeoning xian influence in society is a disturbing trend in regressionism. It's disheartening that with all our advancements the anti-intellectualism movement seems to be growing.

Then again, isn't that a trend? That whenever technology advances fast enough, a segment of society reverts backwards in an effort to stave it off?

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