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Date:2019-03-28 13:27:09
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In Reply To:Looks like the left wing is going to have to elect their way out of this by squarooticus
squarooticus proclaimed:
...instead of impeaching their way out of it.

That shouldn't be hard, but given how strong a grip the extremes have over each party's nomination process, it will be.
Do you really think they were going to try and impeach Trump, especially considering the GOP controls the Senate? I assumed they were going to use the report to make Trump lame, while also gutting his administration of anyone remotely associated with the scandal. It's possible we could get another dog and pony show. I figure trying to impeach Trump at this point has a greater chance of backfiring than raising the profile of the Democratic party in the eyes of independent voters.

Touching on an earlier post -

This image, this perception of the fringe left is why I don't think any Democratic candidate has a chance of winning the nomination if they're shown shooting an AR-15. The primaries have been hijacked by the extremes. I mean, you have the Crispies on the right laying their hands of a guy who breaks at least half of the ten commandments they profess to follow, while simultaneously spouting hatred for the poor, weak, and womens' rights. The left is currently trying to alienate as many white men as they can find, while calling every moderate a warhawk Republican. Clinton was considered a warhawk Republican in 2016, as just one example of their insanity.

It's succulent Schadenfreude.

An AR-15 wielding candidate would never get out of the primaries alive. An avid hunter, or more realistically someone trying to appeal to that demographic, would also have a tough time given how far left candidates move during the opening months/rounds. Well known & respected candidates, like Biden, Romney, and Bush, could get away with it because they have deep pockets. Their donors know these candidates appeal to a substantial moderate base. They won't run out of funding, so the war of attrition wouldn't impact their run.

That's not the case for most of the candidates.

If the democratic nominee for president went hunting that'd be a different story. It would work well because they've shifted their focus to appeal to moderates. But I think it would backfire in the opening rounds.

That being said... In this climate any candidate shown shooting an AR-15 had better look forward to a long career as a lobbyist. They have no hope of generating support in our Mass Shooter Society. It would be viewed in particularly poor taste. The optics would be atrocious.

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