Re: Stop pretending HRC won a mandate. She is loathed by half the US.

Author:Mad Hatter
Date:2019-03-23 21:51:12
In Reply To:Stop pretending HRC won a mandate. She is loathed by half the US. by nvandyk
My point was much broader than mandates, I don't think I've ever argued that Hillary was a good candidate, so I have no idea what you're getting at. My point is much more concerned with the operation of the Electoral College along with the election to, and powers of, the Senate and the strange political inequalities this creates. These are widely recognized issues with the Constitution.

To your other point, I know that many people were aware that Trump would be as bad as he is, full stop. He's a type, and I've seen any number of examples of this basic failure of a person a number of times in my lifetime.

But the real issue is not even with Trump. The greater issue here is an uneducated and easily duped populace that somehow believes it's exceptional; and the continuing treatment of the Constitution as some infallible holy relic written by individuals who were somehow able to foresee the future and account for all possible changes that would occur over several centuries. The Founders would likely ask why the hell we've changed so little in over two centuries, when they built this document for a much smaller, agrarian based economy and a more homogenous population.

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