Re: Stop pretending HRC won a mandate. She is loathed by half the US.

Date:2019-03-23 17:11:14
In Reply To:Re: Stop pretending HRC won a mandate. She is loathed by half the US. by Russ
but I've seen zero evidence that Trump is doing Putin's bidding because of blackmail or other left-wing wet dreams.
By the time of the 2016 election Trump had lied dozens of times, was caught engaging in "locker room talk," spoke about the size of his penis in a national debate, and even brought in Bill's accusers to a presidential debate.

I don't know about most people, but the signs of his instability were frighteningly obvious.
Sorry, how does this relate to Russian collusion?
They should not use an AR-15, or they'll never make it out of the democratic primary alive.
The goal should be to win, which means attracting more votes from the center than the left-wingers who are turned off by a pro-gun or gun-neutral message. There are a lot more people in the center than those who have gun control as their single most important issue.

I'm asking the Democrats to make a political calculation. Choose a platform consistent with their most important values that can *win*. It's that simple. Instead, they're currently on track to go full retard. Never go full retard.
Target shooting - perhaps clay pigeons - would be a safe approach. They need to distance themselves from hunters, and mass murderers.
What's wrong with hunters? Hunters are among the most left-leaning of pro-gun demographics. They're not called "Fudds" in the pro-gun community for nothing.

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