Re: Stop pretending HRC won a mandate. She is loathed by half the US.

Date:2019-03-23 17:02:32
In Reply To:Re: Stop pretending HRC won a mandate. She is loathed by half the US. by Nosferatwo
This is totally beside the point. Did you even read what Nick wrote?
Yes, which is why I said what I said. He was wrong that no one could have seen how terrible Trump was going to be.
Ok, I see what you're saying. And I agree: there were many people on the left and the right talking about how bad Trump was going to be. But FWIW the usual rabid left-wingers were also calling Bush, McCain/Palin, and Romney the worst possible names, so maybe everyone else just tuned them out.
I didn't say anything about the election. You're changing the discussion into something I wasn't addressing.
I assumed "nobody wanted to listen" was code for "not enough people listened to her to elect her", because many people were doing nothing but listening to every bad thing said about Trump, evidence or no.

I hate defending this shitbag, but being a liar and a despicable human being doesn't mean he's guilty of every accusation being thrown at him. The evidence will either show collusion or not. We've waited this long; surely we can wait a little longer.

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