Re: Stop pretending HRC won a mandate. She is loathed by half the US.

Date:2019-03-23 13:08:37
In Reply To:Re: Stop pretending HRC won a mandate. She is loathed by half the US. by Nosferatwo
And nobody could have believed Trump would be as bad as he is.
Most people on the left were pretty aware of it. Hillary even pointed out on the debate stage that Trump was going to be a Russian stooge.
This is still not in evidence, so stop asserting it. It's looking more and more like Trump people (whether Trump was in on it or not) were looking for dirt on Hillary and used the Russians as a source. Whether that's "collusion" or not depends on your PoV, I suppose, but I've seen zero evidence that Trump is doing Putin's bidding because of blackmail or other left-wing wet dreams.
She knew exactly what Trump was going to be, warned us, and no one wanted to listen.
This is totally beside the point. Did you even read what Nick wrote? Hillary didn't lose the election because people didn't believe her about Trump. Hillary lost the election primarily because of Hillary's baggage: full stop. Most Democrats weren't even enthusiastic about Hillary: I'll point out *again* that the best motto they could come up with was "I'm with her", which basically means "She's better than the alternative", hardly a ringing endorsement. And there was no way she was going to get the backing of anyone even moderately on the right, given her political history of being openly antagonistic even to moderate Republicans. She was a toxic candidate, and probably the only candidate who could have lost to Trump.

As my friend Adam says, the best way to get a Democrat elected in 2020 is to run someone centrist with a military background, no evidence of an ideological position on abortion, and plenty of photos of him (probably literally "him") with AR-15s. You can't always get what you want, but sometimes you get what you need.

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