Re: This Felicity Huffman/Lori Laughlin college fraud story

Date:2019-03-13 16:49:14
In Reply To:Re: This Felicity Huffman/Lori Laughlin college fraud story by nvandyk
So I know Moss(imo Giannuli). Have met but don’t know Lori. The whistle was blown by a Catholic high school (Joe will be pleased to know some morality still exists!). My daughter goes there. Relax, Wally, the teachers and administration are laypersons who aren’t necessarily even all Catholic.

What surprises me is that Moss didn’t just write the check and go through the front door. Donate $500K to USC and they’ll let a couple of kids in and there’s no problem.

To those who say it’s not fair, any admissions policy that takes into account anything other than merit isn’t fair. Moreover, that $500K (if donated to the school) can be used to help a lot of people, including by providing money for tuition to kids who otherwise couldn’t afford to attend. I know someone on the board of an Ivy League school that says a $1 mil donation gains admittance; I know another guy who is writing a $1 mil check fo Duke.

Public schools are a different matter; private schools can admit anybody they wish, I should think.

“Free college” will only make this type of thing (a) more prevalent and (b) more expensive, by the way.

My last point is that Moss’ son — I think from another marriage — is a bit older and a good kid. He started a business with — on purpose — no help from dad. He drives a beat up old car and busts his hump. It’s an odd dichotomy.
Interesting, though I only half suspected you’d know one of the parent couples.

I’m ignoring Kruger’s rants because he doesn’t believe his own rhetoric. I should have said welcome back to him at some point
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