Re: brace yourself...we (mostly) agree. :)

Date:2019-03-13 14:40:38
In Reply To:brace yourself...we (mostly) agree. :) by nvandyk
I say “mostly” because (a) every parent of a kid looking at going to a selective college knows donations are helpful, and (b) if honest, I don’t think it’s sleazy.
If these people had donated directly to the schools, we wouldn't be having this discussion, because it's not criminal. For whatever reason, this group decided they needed to cover up their intentions, and we all know what happens with cover ups.

I agree with you about taking another kid’s spot. But (assuming it’s a non revenue sport) why do athletes get preference any way?
That's a whole different discussion. I suppose the schools think that either it's good advertising in the long run, or it gives them another avenue to increase the diversity of the student body.

It's also likely it's just a way to fill out rosters, since they have economic ties to the NCAA and conferences that mandate participation in some of the sports.
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