Re: This Felicity Huffman/Lori Laughlin college fraud story

Date:2019-03-13 14:24:02
In Reply To:Re: This Felicity Huffman/Lori Laughlin college fraud story by nvandyk
To those who say it’s not fair, any admissions policy that takes into account anything other than merit isn’t fair. Moreover, that $500K (if donated to the school) can be used to help a lot of people, including by providing money for tuition to kids who otherwise couldn’t afford to attend. I know someone on the board of an Ivy League school that says a $1 mil donation gains admittance; I know another guy who is writing a $1 mil check fo Duke.
If it was a system where everyone knows money gets you in the door, that would be sleazy, but honest.

This wasn't only cheating, but by bringing the athletic teams into the equation, it may have taken spots in the school available to athletes from students who actually needed that break to get in. It's one thing to buy your way in if there's an unlimited number of slots, it's another to buy someone else's slot.
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