Re: And fewer PP's mean less reproductive health services, counseling, and prenatal care - especially helpful to the poo

Date:2019-03-13 12:59:32
In Reply To:Re: And fewer PP's mean less reproductive health services, counseling, and prenatal care - especially helpful to the poo by Kosh
Kosh proclaimed:
If we were to ban abortions and force women to have these babies, what do you think would be the appropriate way to proceed to ensure their well being?
Same as any other child. Society expects parents to provide care for their children and intervenes when they don't.

Kosh proclaimed:
Should government take them from the parents that don't want them?
Pretty sure that every state in the US has some form of safe haven law now.

Kosh proclaimed:
Should they be put for adoption and if so, how do you we make sure they're all properly taken care of?
There's already a system in place for that. Yeah, it doesn't work well.

Kosh proclaimed:
Should we leave it to government to jail parents that don't want them, neither want to take care of these kids, and so should government then provide proper healthcare, education and nutrition for them?
Again, unwanted children is not a new problem that would develop from the banning of abortions. The only ones who get jailed are the ones who abuse harshly.

Kosh proclaimed:
What in terms of prevention? Is abstinence the only education that should be provided? What about condoms and the pill?
That's being done now. I disagree with the idea that any person should be compelled to violate their moral beliefs regarding birth control by providing or paying for it, but I understand that view is a tiny fraction of a tiny fraction of people. I don't see anything wrong with the government providing universal birth control. The reality is that it already does.

I'm not of the belief that pregnancy is a disease or condition that needs to be cured by surgery. The US birth rate is plummeting and the abortion rate is as well. There are less than 700,000 abortions performed each year. If abortion were outlawed, I doubt that it would result in an increase in the same number of child births each year. People will change their behaviors and exercise more personal responsibility. People talk like that's a dirty word, but PRWORA didn't result in some vast spike in poverty. And if childbirth is some grave social ill that would result in mass starvation due to overpopulation then just ratchet down the rate of legal immigration which is currently generating an annual population increase of over 1 million people.

Let's be honest. What has underpinned the abortion debate since Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood is a desire to eliminate the undesirables. Blacks, hispanics, and poor whites are the primary customers for the Abortion Industrial complex. They strategicly locate their death mills in the hearts of poor neighborhoods, and monetize the effects of the lack of personal responsibility among the poor for their own gain. People may not like to admit it out loud, but most abortion supporters think that abortion is a public good for exterminating these babies. No one wants them. Already, the adoption rates of them are abysmal.

The current rate of poverty hovers steadily around 14%. Which is just about the same rate as the number of kids in public education receiving special education. It's not nice to say out loud but when poor people have children, generally and statistically speaking, they are just creating more poor people. If someone were to suggest that the best way to eliminate poverty is to exterminate the poor people, that would sound savage and barbaric. Abortion is just doing the same thing by other means, but otherwise intelligent people have deluded themselves against perceiving their own barbarity in holding a pro-abortion position.

1 in 7 people lives in poverty and the other 6 mostly don't care. Few take any proactive measures on their own to do anything about it. They pay their taxes and write off the poor as a problem for the government to fix. And it's largely unfixable. It's the consequence of some people having the bad luck of having been born with below average intelligence, mentally ill, or biochemically prone to abuse harmful substances. Most of the other 6 are too busy congratulating themselves for studying hard in school, "snapping out of" life's troubles, and exercising fabulous self-control over the use of substances to recognize that the universe or whatever just dealt that 14% a crap hand. Yes, they're awesome for not wanting to kill outright the 42 million poor people in death camps, but they've got no problems with somebody exterminating their offspring before birth.
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