NFL Free Agency Thoughts

Date:2019-03-12 21:11:26
Heaps of money are getting thrown around, so who's already frustrated with how their team is spending or not spending it?

I don't have a team, so I can't answer that.

My thoughts would be:

- The already terrible Giants look like they're getting worse. I would have dumped Eli if there's no hope of winning this year, which I don't think there is.

- If Nick Foles is even decent in Jacksonville, can we call Jeff Fisher the worst coach of the last twenty years? He had Foles, Goff, and Keenum on the same roster with the Rams, and they were as bad as any team in football.

- The teams trying to copy New England are playing a fool's game. New England wins because they don't try to follow any blueprints. But if you hired the coordinator of the lousy side of the ball from NE (Detroit, looking at you), it's probably all you've got.

- Quietly, I think the Browns are setting themselves up to be the favorites in the North. Pittsburgh and Baltimore are losing too many pieces.
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