Mike Tyson does the Most Potent Psychedelic (5meo-DMT) on the Planet

Author:Rev. Wally Real
Date:2019-03-11 22:12:25
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Mike and Eben chat with Dr. Gerardo Sandoval aka Dr. Gerry about the medicinal benefits of the Incilius Bufo Alvarius otherwise known as the Sonoran Desert Toad – an endangered species of toad whose venom contains the organic presence of the chemical 5-MeO-DMT.

Founder & President
Dr. Gerardo Ruben Sandoval

The Bufo Alvarius Foundation was initially founded in the summer of 2014, by Dr. Gerardo R. Sandoval Isaac MD., OBGYN, in the states of Arizona, Texas, and Mexico. Most recently, the foundation was incorporated in Washington State officially as a non profit organization in February 2017. ​Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, Medical officer, gynecologist, obstetrician, and medicine man. Author of the book The God Molecule. He is president and founder of the Bufo Alvarius Foundation both in the U.S. as in Mexico.

He is a pioneer of Toad Medicine Ceremonies in Mexico with over 3,500 ceremonies, and he travels around the world as the ambassador for the Bufo Alvarius Toad (Incilius Alvarius- The Sonoran Desert Toad) spreading the Entheogenic Experience, giving lectures and performing toad medicine ceremonies. He has published a retrospective study of 1,000 cases which has made an impression on the Mexican medical community, having produced amazing results.
Mike Tyson shares his 5-meo-DMT experience w/Joe Rogan
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