Awful Artists/(?) Art

Date:2019-03-11 17:57:04
With the R. Kelly and Michael Jackson stories now back in the forefront, it's been raising a lot of questions about what we're supposed to do with their music, given what we know about them. It's not a new question. Woody Allen has been on the receiving end of it for decades now.

The term 'cancel culture' is now en vogue to describe what's going on. There's one side that wants to do their best to cut out and eliminate the work (and therefore the fame) of the celebrities who have done heinous things, with another side who mock the aforementioned as whiny SJW's.

Those are the extremes. In the middle, what are we to think?

I'm not sure what I really believe, since none of the offenders have yet been artists I am invested in. If their work were to disappear, it makes practically no difference to me.

I see both sides, wanting to separate art from the person who made it, but also not wanting to promote vile people into greater prominence.

Is the answer simply to not pretend the past didn't happen, but to ignore it moving forward?
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