And those were the reported incidents. The guy who shot the father in the parking lot had threatened others.

Date:2019-03-11 10:50:18
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In Reply To:Sounds like 80 cases of shots fired in 4-5 years, but I'll be honest: That's more than I expected. (nt) by T.J. Swoboda
and I don't believe (though I could be mistaken) that the earlier incidents either weren't reported, or only a few had been. While that wasn't a road rage incident, the aame type of lax reporting applies. Road rage isn't generally reported. I was involved in a road rage incident a few years ago, and it wasn't reported.

It's surprising how quickly a situation can turn from an annoying tailgater, who can't grasp flow patterns, to a threat.

The Rich Elect; The Poor Vote.

The seeds of ignorance bear preventable tragedies.

Coffee Cup Blues:
Monday has never been my favorite day of the week, but getting murdered before I could finish my first cup of coffee was a new low, even for Monday.
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