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Joe-× proclaimed:
According to Planned Parenthood's annual report for 2014-2015, they only provided 17,419 instances of prenatal care services compared to 323,999 abortions. Most provide no prenatal services; they're not staffed or equipped for it. My own local affiliate does not. The primary purpose of PP is to kill the unborn in the womb.

Your belief system thinks it's OK to murder an unborn child up to birth and that slippery slope has now been extended to include some indeterminate short period of time afterward. And it's my system that is ignorant and backward. And the best you can do to cite someone within that system who took "a step in the right direction" is a guy dead for 700 years who didn't do science.

Other than Islam within its sphere, religion lost control hundreds of years ago and is losing influence at an accelerating rate. Arguing the minor details of when it is or isn't OK to kill a baby isn't going to reverse the tide.
I never said it was acceptable to kill a baby after it's born. That's an absurd position to even consider taking, and you know better than that.
Abortions account for a very small percentage services provided.

Abortions accounted for 3 percent of the nearly 10.6 million total services provided by Planned Parenthood clinics in 2013, according to its annual report.

Some services it provided in addition to abortions were:

4.5 million tests and treatment for sexually transmitted infections
3.6 million contraception related services
935,573 cancer screenings including breast exams and Pap tests
1.1 million pregnancy tests and prenatal services
Forcing a woman to carry a dead fetus to term because of your religious beliefs is beyond cruel.

Texas woman forced to deliver stillborn baby due to abortion ban

When Taylor Mahaffey was 20 weeks pregnant, she was told by a doctor that she was going into labor and her baby boy had no chance of survival outside the womb. The baby, who had been named Fox, was already pushing through Mahaffey’s cervix with his feet, The Daily Beast reports. Emergency measures to stop preterm labor failed. “The only humane thing to do at that point would be to pop the sack, and let little Fox come into this world too early to survive outside,” Daniel Mahaffey, Taylor’s husband, wrote on Reddit.

Inducing labor at this stage, however, would have been tantamount to a late-term abortion. Because Texas bans abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy — unless a woman’s life is in danger or severe fetal abnormalities are detected — doctors had no choice but to send the Mahaffeys home to wait while their baby died slowly in utero. “These laws made my wife feel our child struggle inside her for days,” Daniel wrote. “We cried ourselves to sleep every night. We spent four days in and out of the hospital waiting for nature to take it’s [sic] course.” Eventually, Taylor’s waters broke and she gave birth to Fox, who was stillborn.

Texas is one of 12 states that has enacted “fetal pain legislation”: late term abortion bans predicated on the debunked notion that fetuses can feel pain after 20 weeks of gestation. The American Medical Association has found that “fetal perception of pain is unlikely before the third trimester,” but that has not stopped 13 additional states from introducing similar fetal pain laws this year.

“We have to change the laws,” Daniel Mahaffey told The Daily Beast. “There are no reasons to have these restrictions. It’s just people putting ideology in front of humanity.”
New York understands that this is repulsive behavior, and chose to do the right thing. Thomas Aquinas may have lived hundreds of years ago, but that only reflects how far back your faith has slid.

Organized religions' future survival, or demise, will be decided by sexual equality and abortion rights. Your faith grew to prominence on its ability to embrace other faiths (all the pagan stuff, etc...). If it doesn't adjust to the times - giving women equal rights, and embracing science to enhance and adopt Aquinas' position - it, and its old god, is going to disappear from popular culture like the other immalleable religions before it.

It will be replaced by something else.... something that will delay evolution by pushing a false narrative which elicits adherents to only question the things that it believes are worth pursuing.

After a millenia of meditation on the meaning of life, you'd think the bathrobe brigade would have learned something, but all they've learned is that it's God's will to take advantage of others.

The Rich Elect; The Poor Vote.

The seeds of ignorance bear preventable tragedies.

Coffee Cup Blues:
Monday has never been my favorite day of the week, but getting murdered before I could finish my first cup of coffee was a new low, even for Monday.
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