And fewer PP's mean less reproductive health services, counseling, and prenatal care - especially helpful to the poor.

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Arbitrarily drawing a line in the sand and saying, "This is wrong in the eyes of god," is rather hypocritical, but reflective of the patriarchal society organized religions invariably support. If only religion held men to the same standards they hold women, I wouldn't look upon them with such disdain as the evolutionary fossils they are.

Sure, we don't have all the answers, and there may be something vastly beyond our understanding who gave the universe a nudge billions of years ago. But to believe the ignorant mother-fuckers [men] who created these religions actually had a clue of what they were talking about is beyond ridiculous. Religion is a tool of fear used to exert control over the unwashed, uneducated, masses. Religion keeps the individual from thinking by lulling them to sleep with adult fairy tales. That's why scientific advancement has been delayed by hundreds of years, to the point where we are forced to deal with issues beyond our control because our intellectual evolution was hindered by religious dumbfucks.

The men who forged these religions from the ashes of their deluded fantasies might have bathed a few of times in their lifetime. And we're supposed to believe they understood the mysteries of life? People who barely understand whole numbers are in no position to write a treatise on logarithmic equations. Why should religion be given a pass? Education is supposed to be valued, except it's not when it comes to religion.

And.. fwiw, Thomas Aquinas' concept of delayed hominization was a step in the right direction. Once the brain has developed a fetus no longer exists in a vegetable state. Then again, that doesn't go against the pro-choice movement, now does it? The concept that a fetus could live outside the womb is the point in which abortion is no longer a viable option.

New York's latest abortion laws are another step in the right direction, unless you support torturing women as a way of exerting fragile male dominance. But religions are terrified of losing their control and influence. It's palpable. That's why they're doubling down using fear and lies (the greatest tag team of all time, and a favorite tool for those well versed in the art of deception) to undermine science.

and to get back to the OP of my post...

Fear is an awesome tool. One that is still used every day to sway the ignorant, and obtusely stupid - hence the Good Guy With a Gun fantasy. I'm sure a bunch of 2A "Constitutionalists" popped a serious chubby with that one. And no, I'm not opposed to owning firearms. In fact, I'm probably going to go shooting in a few hours. I own a number of guns. This isn't a mutually exclusive argument. The overwhelming majority of gun owners believe that gun reform is necessary. It's obvious that many people who shouldn't live in the same zip code with a gun often have a cache of them in their basement confirms the seriousness of this issue.

I expect religions to be ignorant, but society should know better.

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The Rich Elect; The Poor Vote.

The seeds of ignorance bear preventable tragedies.

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