Re: Civil liability doesn't work in cases like this

Date:2019-03-09 13:43:44
In Reply To:Re: Civil liability doesn't work in cases like this by squarooticus
You said that if just one person is against socialised medicine, you'd think it is wrong of pure principle.
I'm not sure I've said quite this, though I have made statements like "people should not be forced to fund things against their will." In general, I'm much more willing to compromise on principle now in favor of policies that work and aren't too onerous.
Yet, here you are advocating a policy that forces people to do certain actions in order to serve the greater good of society. Don't read too much in to it, though. I'm not trying to bring up that old discussion, as we'll never agree and turn to anecdotal argumentation that leads nowhere.
Sure. I'll just say that in this case, I'm offering these people an out: opt-in, or opt-out and stay away from the overwhelming majority who've opted-in. They can go set up a compound in the woods with other similarly-minded folks, and reap the consequences. Seems reasonable.
It isn't a "if you don't like it, you can just get out" argument?
I didn't define the punishment? What leads you think I support kids being removed?
What's the alternative then? How do you punish the parent if they refuse to comply?
You literally just proposed an alternative: fines.
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