Having a Massive Ego is part of of being a Rock Star

Author:Rev. Wally Real
Date:2019-03-07 15:45:14
In Reply To:Re: The DLR Test by coreystinson
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coreystinson proclaimed:

I could only handle about 5 minutes of it. He comes off simultaneously as a goofball, intelligent, and worldly. He's also seems hyperactive and gregarious beyond my tolerance levels. I think he'd be exhausting to spend much time around.
I much prefer the demeanor of Steve Wilson, he's arguably very successful and very articulate...and his success took about 20 years...while his Idol Prince had a "massive ego"...the 80s were a different time.

Steven Wilson: I've Sacrificed Having Family for Music, I'm Happy About It
"Some people look at me with incredible pity," the musician says.

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