The DLR Test

Date:2019-03-04 21:16:08
Edited:2019-03-05 21:31:51
So, by now I'm sure everyone has watched Joe Rogan's three-hour conversation with David Lee Roth - right? ;D Blabbermouth advertised the interview as a, paraphrasing, classic case of Roth rambling incoherently about nothing:

Now, here's a clear no-opinion case of yes or no: what did you get out of it?

Is it

a) David Lee Roth is a buffoon on and off stage. He never makes any sense, his stories go nowhere, and his personality is irritating. Sammy Hagar is so much more genuine and infinitely less annoying than that clown. Rogan looked lost and uncomfortable during the convo.

No wonder Eddie can't stand Dave.


b) David Le Roth is a multi-faced salt-of-the-earth real-deal enigma. His devil-may-care attitude and outspoken manner won't win him any popularity contest, and his parables are as guaranteed to baffle your "normal" John Q. Public as a Grim post would, but he's a straight shooter with a fascinating insight and formidable life experience. Rogan looked enlightened and enthralled with the convo.

No wonder Eddie can't stand Dave.
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