There is an easy answer. Get big money out of college sports. and let athletes play where their skills take them.

Date:2019-03-04 14:10:06
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The college/NBA/NFL scam is to buildup players for the next level, but that's not necessary all the time. There was a great RB at Ohio State who should have gone pro, but couldn't, and he was pissed. He knew OSU was making bank off of his skillset, so when he received some free swag, and whatnot, from locals he was hammered. This happens all the time.

The guy I'm thinking about never got the chance to play in the NFL. The NCAA crushed him, and he made some stupid choices in response which cost him any chance of making it to the NFL.

The other option is to admit that college sports are often used as the minor leagues, and pay these guys to play in their own minor league conference. It would help restore parity to the game.

The programs who can't, or refuse to, pay their athletes can still play in their own conferences, which will also balance out those schools.

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