The money issue is complicated:

Date:2019-03-04 13:46:35
In Reply To:I agree, it's absurd. Mt Union's football coach makes bank while the music department doesn't even have health insurance by Russ
For as much money as there is in college sports, there also can be not enough at times. Billions are floating around, but year-to-year there might only be twenty or so athletic departments (as a whole) that turn a profit. That would lead to the question; where would the money come from to pay college players what most people would think they're worth?

The biggest of big schools could afford it, but then you would be setting up a system where either there was essentially official minor leagues of just twenty or thirty teams, or college sports would become bifurcated where there are teams that pay and teams that don't. It would destroy the aura of every school having a chance.

Where I went to school, we had a team that was good enough to move up from Division III. When they looked into it, the cost of operating at the next level was so great, it would have siphoned money from other parts of the university to fund it.

I guess I'm just saying there are no easy answers.
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