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Date:2019-03-03 20:10:00
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Nosferatwo proclaimed:
But college athletes are exploited by universities to the tune of Billions of Dollars every year. This issue needs to be addressed. Why should colleges take money that should go to these athletes?
The college system is a separate issue from the NBA's rule regarding who can play. My question is, why is it more important to respect the 'rights' of the handful of players who could make the jump each year, and not the rights of the NBA to set requirements for employment?

You have to be 35 to be President. You have to go through training to be a cop. You have to get a degree to hold most office jobs. Are all of those rules also to be thrown out, since they stop people from doing what they want?
It's more often argued around the needs/wants of the 1% of people who are disadvantaged by the rules, than the larger group as a whole.
No, that's just your perception; one that has been tainted by your bias.
How often when those issues come up is the conversation about what's best for the sport of basketball, and for the NBA? It's virtually always framed as what's best for the small number of players who would get drafted. That isn't my bias imagining that.
Colleges exploit talent. This is why basketball and football are such big draws, while baseball isn't. Imagine what would have happened if LeBron James was forced to play a year in college and tore his ACL because of an incompetent, greedy college coach who was hoping to cash-in?

The university would have slapped Lebron's pic and number on every piece of swag imaginable, and made tens of millions - and that would be in just the year he played, and wouldn't account for money made after his career was over.

LeBron would have been screwed, broke, and broken. The college wouldn't be obligated to pay him anything, though they might give him free board and tuition for four years.

This tragedy happens every year. I was in the stadium at the Orange Bowl when Butt was injured. Before the game everyone was bitching about Peppers skipping the game, but then Jake Butt's knee was destroyed.

The injury cost him millions. But hey, the university made bank and that's all that matters, right?

The Rich Elect; The Poor Vote.

The seeds of ignorance bear preventable tragedies.

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