Re: Every sport now sucks.

Date:2019-03-03 18:39:25
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Nosferatwo proclaimed:
Blaming things on libertarians is the new "Thanks Obama".
I'm not blaming libertarianism, I'm saying they share a similar mindset to a lot of athletes; namely that rules that stop me from doing whatever I want are bad.
... except you're spinning the tenets of Libertarianism. Personal freedom, as long as it doesn't adversely affect others, is not something to be ridiculed. It's an ideal.

Nosferatwo proclaimed:

Again, to go back to the one-and-done rule, there is a large contingent saying high school players have the 'right' to go straight into the league and make millions of dollars. They completely discount the right of the employer to set standards for employment. It's a completely individual-centric way of looking at the world.
But college athletes are exploited by universities to the tune of Billions of Dollars every year. This issue needs to be addressed. Why should colleges take money that should go to these athletes? An analogy would be Atari.

Atari screwed its programmers out of money. These disgruntled programmers quite and formed Activision. They made bank. Activision was the first 3rd party game developer - something we take for granted today.

Nosferatwo proclaimed:

It's more often argued around the needs/wants of the 1% of people who are disadvantaged by the rules, than the larger group as a whole.
No, that's just your perception; one that has been tainted by your bias.

The Rich Elect; The Poor Vote.

The seeds of ignorance bear preventable tragedies.

Coffee Cup Blues:
Monday has never been my favorite day of the week, but getting murdered before I could finish my first cup of coffee was a new low, even for Monday.
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