Every sport now sucks.

Date:2019-03-03 15:18:15
Even my beloved golf is now overrun by pathetic whiners who feel entitled to have everything exactly the way they want it.

I'm sick of the chorus of players coming out every time a rules infraction happens, complaining that the rulings are unfair, because no one 'intended' to break them. Rules exist, and it's their damn job to know what they are.

In this week's episode, a player got a two shot penalty after the tour deemed his caddie had been behind him as he set up for a pivotal bunker shot. It only takes one second to see they broke the rules, but a certain big-name player is bitching at the USGA that they didn't mean to break the rule. It was put in place to force players to line themselves up, since aiming is supposed to be a skill of the game. There isn't a single function of caddying other than lining up that can't be done from off to the side a bit. All these people have to do is simply never stand directly behind their player, and voila, no penalties can be called.

Why do these players think their stupidity to not follow a highly publicized new rule should be absolved? I'll tell you why. It folds back in on our conversations about American individualism and libertarian philosophy. We are so trained to think only of ourselves, we find any rule that curtails us doing whatever the fuck we want to be unfair.

It's why these golfers bitch. It's why people bitch about the NBA's age limit (despite most jobs coming with requirements [it's even in the Constitution regarding the Presidency, so you can't argue it isn't American]).
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