What's a good ad blocker?

Author:Rev. Wally Real
Date:2018-10-02 01:59:06
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I'm getting sicks of the parasitic companies that feed off your personal information and need to install some sort of ad blocker. I've even noticed on Facebook viral videos now have embedded ads which you can't skip. Youtube has ads unless I subscribe to Youtube Red ($11.99/mo) which is ridiculous. Soundcloud is they only streaming site worth paying for. I can't stand Spotify's interface after being so accustomed to SC. I stopped going to Zerohedge's site because the ads keep on hosing my Win7 system.

What's a good ad-blocker for:
Google Chrome
Android apps

Just skimmed this...

Also wanna read news headlines, used popurls.com years ago, but http://www.hvper.com/ looks like a better interface (must sign in with FB/Google) to really use it.
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